About WEGC

About WEGC

WEGC was started in May 2019 by Martin McCarron. In Martin's words:

“It is to give people of the West End their very own garden centre, one that they can walk to if they like. Gardening is a staple in Britain and the pandemic has shown that.”

Sourcing locally and growing a range of our own plants has always been at the heart of the centre. The aim is to offer diverse and unusual plants, pots and garden furniture .. always at the cutting edge of culture.

As it has developed we have now added an indoor shop which offers indoor plants, pots, sundries as well as a coffee and cake offering. The shop has really let the garden centre put its roots down in the west end and customers now know we are here to stay.

WEGC is aiming to be at the heart of the community and it believes working with local charities and organisations is a must (Check out our Give 250 + Coffee With A Cause) page to see some of the cool stuff we get up to.

We always hope anyone who visits the centre experiences a feeling that they get from no other garden centre; we want the centre to represent more than just a place to buy plants we hope it means more than that.